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General Information

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  • General FAQs

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    In our "General FAQs" (Frequently Asked Questions) you´ll find answers on frequently asked questions about our website.

    Question: What is

    Answer: is a website dedicated to and with lots of Infos and News, videos and more about the issue of Gypsyjazz (Jazz Manouche, Sintiswing, Sintijazz etc.).

    On this website you can search and find all kinds of interesting information on the style like reading about news, cd-releases or dates from the Gypsyjazz-scene. We have built up the JM-Guitar-Gallery were you can take a look and research for about 1.800+ images about old Gypsyjazz-guitars like SelmerBusato, Favino and DiMauro. In our article-series Features of original Busato-Guitars, Features of original DiMauro-guitars, Features of original Favino-Guitars and Features of original Selmer-Guitars you may read about the detailed descriptions of these rare guitar-models with images and lots of backgroundinfos.
    In the JM-Download-Section users can download Grilles (Chord-charts), TABs and staff-transcriptions of well known Jazz- and Gypsyjazz-Songs. The more we offer Desktop-images, ringtones and rare Audio-recordings (just for Study) of famous Gypsyjazz-artist as (payed) download. Last but not least you may inform yourself about JM-history of the music and guitars, as of many infos on how to learn the style plus about our offered  Guitar-workshops and direct sign in if desired.

    Question: What´s the meaning of the word "JazzManouche"?

    The word "JazzManouche" is put together from two words: "Jazz" the english word for this musicstyle.
    "Manouche" is the french word for "Sinti, Gypsies, nomads". In France Gypsies always have been called "Manouches", "Bohemians" or "Sintis". "Jazz-Manouche" is the name for the musicstyle, Jazz that is played by Manouches (Gypsies).

    Question: Why this website

    To spread information and communication between all kinds of users, to interested people (wether musicians or not) in this musicstyle, no matter what nationality.
    Plus spreading acceptance and grow emphasis for JazzManouche, Gypsyjazz, Swing and the music of Sinti and Roma further on thus keeping it alive, but to always stay in respect with the old culture of Sinti/Manouche all the same. The growth of understanding between Manouches and Non-manouche (Gadje) is also one of our explicit goals.

    Question: Do i have to register at ?

    No. You dont have to be registered at to use our Website.
    Just if you want to access certain areas of JM-User-restricted content such as the notations of Licks-of-the-Month-area, the JM-Guitar-Gallery or the JM-Downloads, access the big-size-detail-images of the JM-Guitargallery, you have to be a registered and logged-in JM-User. Also be sure to read our FAQ-answer on payed JM-User-accounts on this page.

    Question: What are "Payed JM-User-accounts" and what are they good for?

    Since 2015 we do have three different new areas on our website:

    1. Free content, freely accessible for every user without registering.
    2. JM-User-reserved but free content, which is only accessable if you are a registered JM-User. As a registered and logged-in JM-User you will get (free) access to all areas where we provide free user-reserved content.
    3. And third since 2015 we provide reserved content for our "paying registered JM-Users", users that want to help us make the website staying alive - as we do need to pay for all the cost.

      Become a paying member at and support our work!
    So here´s what it´s like in details:
    • By registering as a User at you will be able to pay and access the pay-content-pages we provide. Since 01.01. 2015 has become a payed website in some areas due to our cost of running this site. The pay-content is only accessable if you are a logged-in JM-User who has payed for a JM-User-Licence.
    • the "JM-Lick-of-the-month"-notations. We provide notations and TABs of our Lick-of-the-month-series. Download only for logged-in JM-Users
    • our free JM-Downloads. In our JM-download-area we provide many notations, TABs, chord-charts (Grilles) of almost all Jazz- and Jazzmanouche-tunes for free download.
    • We provide big-size-detail-images inside our JM-Guitar-Gallery (1.800+ images). If you are not a registered and  logged-in paying JM-User you may watch all guitar-sections, the thumbail-images of our gallery as well as detailpages of all guitars. But if you want access to the Big-size-detail-images on these pages (which is the interesting part if you want to see a guitar in detail) you have to be logged in to be able to pay and after watch these images.
    • Some other areas and article-series which will be reserved for our paying logged-in JM-Users

    Question: What are JM-User-licences and how much do they cost ?

    For giving unlimited access to ALL pay-content-pages on we are now offering so called "JM-User-Licences" on our newly designed website.

    These licences, to keep it simple, are "time-limited accesstimes" for certain parts of the complete website for our registered and logged-in JM-Users.

    This means you need to be a registered JM-User who pays a certain amount for a licence to view the whole website with all of its parts freely with no limitation but for a defined limited time.

    Included in these JM-User-Licences is the chosen time-limited but otherwise unlimited access to all of our pages and articles that contain pay-content, the JM-Downloads and the detail-view inside the JM-Guitar-Gallery (with over 1800 detail-images of old Selmer-, Busato, Favino- or DiMauro-Guitars), one of the biggest Online-Archives of old Gypsyjazz-Guitars). Also included is the cost for the Paypal-transaction (which is 7% of every of every transaction).

    The JM-User-Licences are split up in the following price-categories:

    • JM-Premium-User - limited Access 7 days - Price: 4,99 €
    • JM-Silver-User - limited Access 30 days - Price: 9,99 €
    • JM-Gold-User - limited Access 90 days - Price: 29,99 €
    • JM-Platinum-User - unlimited Access 365 days - Price: 49,99 €

    Be sure to become a paying registered JM-User (registration is free!) just right now to support our work!

    Not convinced yet? Read our details about your benefits becoming a (paying) JM-User.

    Question: How do i pay for a "Payed JM-User-account" ?

    To access the pay-content pages is very easy for registered JM-Users.

    Just click on the link "Pay to read more" on any page that contains the link anywhere on the webpage. You will then be presented a short menu where you may choose your desired time-licence. When done you´ll get redirected to the external Paypal-webpage where you can pay the chosen amount with your paypal-account or credtidcard if you dont have any (you may open one as well...).
    When the payment is done you´ll get redirected back to our webpages and you´ll emidiately get free access to ALL pay-content-pages with no limitations for the time of you licence whenever you are logged-in.

    After the licence has expired te access is limited again and you may pay for a new licence as well or renew the one you had by again paying for it (same process).
    Here are the prices for access:

      • JM-Premium-User - limited Access 7 days - Price: 4,99 €
      • JM-Silver-User - limited Access 30 days - Price: 9,99 €
      • JM-Gold-User - limited Access 90 days - Price: 29,99 €
      • JM-Platinum-User - unlimited Access 365 days - Price: 49,99 €
    On questions how to become a registered member please read our FAQs for Registration.

    So be sure to become a paying JM-User right now to get unlimited access to ALL of our pages and to support our work for running this page!

    Question: What means the link "Pay to read more" in some articles ?

    Like already described above has changed into a website with 3 different types of content:
    free content readable for everyone, JM-User restricted-content (readable only for Logged-in JM-Users) and "payable content" for logged-in JM-Users who upgraded their account to add a payed JM-User-licence for unlimited timebound access.

    Some of the single- or articles-series and other sections in our website have become payed content since 2015, so whenever you see the link "Pay to read more" this means you may only read on if you are a registered and logged-in JM-User who has payed for a licence to read ALL content-areas with no limitations.

    Read more about JM-User-licences in the FAQs above.

    Question: Who is the owner of

    Answer: was invented in 2007 by Bertino Rodmann who still runs the website today. Himself beeing a musician and guitarrist who plays the style of JazzManouche since the early 1980ies, Bertino had the idea of bringing live a guitar-archive online which contain all important informations of the rare and old Gypsyjazz-Guitars like Selmer-, Busato-, Favino- and DiMauro-Guitars. So he started this website for that purpose at first, building up the JM-Guitar-gallery first with just a few images. started by this idea, adding more and more information around this content.

    Today has become one of the most detailed websites on the net about JazzManouche, Swing and the music of Django Reinhardt, Sinti & Roma offering lots of infos more all around the issue...

    Question: What´s the use of the Menu "JM-User"?

    In this menu Users have direct access to their own personal profile with Name eMail, adress and password. just the username isnt changeable afte registering with us.

    Question: What is the JM-Guitar-Gallery?

    The JM-Guitar-Gallery a very detailed online archive for old and rare Gypsyguitars for research or just to watch for fans of old guitars from Selmer-, Busato-, Favino- or DiMauro-Guitars

    If you like to present your own Selmer-, Busato-, Favino- or DiMauro-Guitar inside our guitar-gallery with images please send us an eMail with your images (max. 1MB per image as .jpg, .png or .tif) from the certain category.  We will insert your images into our gallery after checking for quality and originality. Please be away of the fact that there is no claim of releasing your images for sure (e.g. if quality is too weak or else reason)... we hope you will understand.

    Question: How can i register at ?

    To find infromation on how to register at our website please referr to our FAQs for Registration

    Question: How can i delete my User-account at ?

    If you want to cancel your user-account at our website just send an eMail wtith the subject "Cancel my account at" to " account-loeschen [ at ] " (please replace the [at] to "@" without bracket or spaces) together with your username and registered eMail-Adress. Our Webmaster will cancel (erase) your account for you get in contact with you and to inform you about.

    Question: Why can´t i log-In at ?

    This may have 3 different reasons.

    1.) You have not registered for a User-Account at at all (please read the FAQs for Registration). You can only log-into our website if you are a registered and confirmed JM-user (Member).


    2.) You have yet not confirmed your registered User-Account at (please again read the FAQs for Registration). By confirming your newly opened account we want to avoid the misuse of eMail-Adresses by third-parties.

    Important: please be away that your User-Account (newly created while registering) will be erased again automatically by our system after 24 hours if you did NOT confirm it within this time!

    If you did not log-into our website for more than 90 days your account will not be erased emediately but again put back to the state of beeing unconfirmed! This may also be one reason why you cannot log-in. (the reason for this: we need to keep our database clean without unused orphaned User-Accounts). If you want to reactivate your account you need to reconfirm your account to be able to use it again. If you dont reconfirm after 180 days your account will be erased finally.

    3.) You may have wrongly entered your Username or Password. Please take care to the exact way of writing like you entered it when you were registering with us (take care to BIG- and small-letters as our system distinguishes these!)

    4.) if you still cannot log-in for some reason even if you followed all the instructions given in the FAQs for Registration you may contact our " webmaster [ at ] " (please replace the [at] to "@" without bracket or spaces). He will then get in touch with you and help you out.

    Question: Why do i get no confirmation-eMail after registering ?

    This may also different reasons:

    Please at first check your eMail-account that you used while registering. Be sure to also look inside any Spam-folders (on your local machine as well as with your eMail-Provider) for an eMail with sender  "do-not-reply [at]" and the subject "Registration at".
    If you have NO confirmation-eMails at all it seems something went wrong while registering. Please try again to go thru the registering-process like described in our FAQs for Registration.

    Hint: if while registering again you get the messagethat your Username or eMail-Adress is registered already, it seems you MUST have received a confirmation-eMail before, but you did not activate your confirmation-link inside that eMail. Please be sure to do that within 24 hours after registering.

    You have followed all the steps and there is still no registration-process goin on, no activation-eMail coming in?
    Just contact our webmaster via eMail to " webmaster [ at ] " (please replace the [at] to "@" without brackets or spaces). He will then contact you and help you out with the registration.

    Question: I have forgot my Password, how do i get a new one ?

    If you have lost or forgot your password you may let send a reminder to your registered eMail-adress.
    Please go to this page "Lost Passwort or Username" and follow the instructions on this page. You will then receive an eMail within a couple of minutes with an activation-link. Click this link within the next minutes an you will get redirected to another page where you can enter a new password.

    Important hint: if you lost your password and you get a new password sent by eMail to your entered adress it is a good idea to change your sent password to a new one after log-in inside your JM-User-Profile!

    Question: I have lost or forgot my JM-Username, how can i get reminded?

    If you have lost or forgot your JM-Username you may let send a reminder to your registered eMail-adress.
    Please go to this page "Lost Passwort or Username" and follow the instructions on this page. You will then receive an eMail within a couple of minutes with your Jm-username.

    Important hint: your JM-username CANNOT be changed after registration. This is for security-reasons and should preserve misuse of usernames and data.

    Question: How can i subscribe for the ?

    Please click inside the menu JM-User-area -> JM-Newsletter. At the bottom of this page you can enter your eMail-adress and hit "JM-Newsletter subscribe" or "JM-Newsletter unsubscribe". If subscription was successful you will receive an confirmation-eMail that you are successfully subscribed and will receive our JM-Newsletter.

    Question: How can i unsubscribe for the ?

    Please click inside the menu JM-User-area -> JM-Newsletter. At the bottom of this page you can enter your eMail-adress and hit "JM-Newsletter subscribe" or "JM-Newsletter unsubscribe".
    You will then receive an confirmation-eMail that you are successfully un-subscribed and will no more receive our JM-Newsletter.

    Question: How can i signup for the Masterclass-Workshops ?

    You may sign up for one of the next masterclasses directly on our website. Take a look at the menu -> JM-Learning -> JM-Masterclasses -> LIVE-Masterclass -> MC - Sign up
    You will then receive a confirmation-eMail from your successful subscription with further instructions on details and payment.

    For further Informations on the given masterclasses be sure to read the Masterclass-FAQs.

    Question: I have questions to LIVE- or Online-Workshops (Masterclass) ?

    For Informations on the given masterclasses be sure to read the Masterclass-FAQs.

    Question: How can i get in contact with the makers of ?

    Just click here and send us an eMail


  • JM-Imprint

    info-128x128General Informations

    Content responsable Person
    Bertino Rodmann
    D-61184 Karben
    phone: +49 - 171 - 5253577
    eMail: contact [at]

    Technically responsable Person
    Hans Meiserl
    E-Mail: webmaster [at]

    Website-use according to german and european laws - Telemediengesetz

    1. Copyright Information

    All informations on this website will be offered "as is" without any kind of claim of truth, actuality or completeness.

    If not defined elsewhere inside the publication, document or file (as of any part of it) everybody has the right to read, watch, copy or distribute it - under the following conditions: any information, document or file is only free for private or non-commercial use. Any kind of commercial use or other kind of use which is not defined here is strictly forbidden.

    Any copying, re-distributing or altering of any file, text, image, video or parts of these need the written permission of the owner ( or the author), as well as containing the intact copyright-label of its author. The owner keeps the right for revocing his written permission at any time. If received the user has to emediately stop the use of these files or any parts of it.
    All files and documents, wether text, images or else are supplied under the german and european laws, especially german copyright law.

    All images, text, or any other kind of content on our website remain copyrighted by their respective owners ©2000-2015

    2. Contractual assurances and disclaimers / disclaimer of liability

    The website is - if not defined other elsewhere - free of use. The operators and authors of this website take over no guarantee for correctness of the contained information, availability of the services, loss from stored away data or usability for any kind of use. The operators are not reliable for any secondary damages which are based on a use of this website or parts of it.
    As far as a disclaimer of liability is not considered, the operators and authors merely are only reliable for coarse carelessness and intention.

    Any product- and company names are brands of the respective owners and are used exclusively for the purposes of information on this website.

    This publication may contain technical or other content inaccuracies, write or translation-errors or typing mistakes.
    Every now and then changes are added to the present information; these changes are inserted in new or available issues of the publication. The webmaster may at any time insert improvements and/or changes inside the offers of the website which are described in and are part of this imprint, even in future additions.

    3. Expression of opinions in comments

    On account of the constantly changing contents of user-comments within the website it is not possible for the webmaster to consistently sight all contributions or examine the contents for any concerns nor to have immediate active control of it.
    No responsibility for any the contents of comments or other content, as the correctness and the form of the opposed contributions is taken over by the webmaster nor the owners of the website.

    3a. Special rules and regulations for logged-in JM-Users

    By logging into our website as a registered JM-user the member declares to accept the following rules and terms of use:

    Members which enter any comments on our website assure and declare:

    • 1. to avoid and abstain any insults, punishable contents, pornography and coarse language in their contributions,

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    • 3. neither to put any kind of advertisements into forums nor in comments or to use forums and comments for any kind of commercial activity. In particular this is valid for the publication of 0900-phone numbers, any kind of Spam or other unlawful activities of any purpose.

    There is no claim to publication of submitted comments or forum contributions by the contributing User. The operators and owner of the website reserve themselves to edit comments and forum contributions at its own discretion or even to extinguish.
    Any injuries to the rules under 1), 2) and 3) the operators reserve themselves the right to close the membership for a limited period or to extinguish the JM-User-account permanently without no written explanation or message to the user. Please also be sure to read our JM-Terms & Conditions

    4. Submitting of contributions and/or articles

    As far as a member makes use of the possibility to submit own contributions for the editorial part, following rules are valid:
    condition for the post of own contributions is that the member has entered his entire and correct data (first- and familyname, adress, phone, eMail) into his user profile while registering. The submitted contribution on publication might be marked with the name registered here.

    The member hereby guarantees and confirmes the following assurances for all contributions which are submitted by him or her now or in future:

    • 1. The member assures that the submitted contributions of any content are freely from right of third, in particular rights of authors, brands rights or any personal rights. This is valid for any kind of submitted contributions, content and images/videos.
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    • For secondary damages to the member that originates from the late deletion of the contribution, the operators stick only to their responsability if they are not based on the injuries of the member (see under 1), 2) and 3)) and as far as they, in addition, are only caused by fault or intention of the operators.
    • In addition we point out the fact that this website becomes indexed from searchengines regularly, and that we have no influence on whether where and how long published contributions are possibly stored in databases of searchengines and/or web-catalogues and are retrievable after their deletion.
    • 4. There is no claim to storage, publication or archiving the submitted contributions. The operators reserve themselves the right not to publish (or publish only in extracts) submitted contributions as well as to edit, alter or delete contributions (before or after publication) without any reasons, on their free judgement.
    • 5. No compensation demands (fees, royalties, expenditure compensations or similar) of the member originate from the publication of submitted contributions towards the operator of the website. The cooperation is honourary (free of charge).
    • 6. All contributions are beeing used under the JM-Terms & Conditions

    5. Privacy Policy

    Please refer to ourPrivacy Policy.

    6. Contact

    For questions on technical or content please contact our webmaster via eMail-adress " webmaster [at] " (please change the [at] to @ without spaces or brackets)


  • JM-PrivacyPolicy


    We respect your privacy! The owner of this website is concerned and serious about the use of personal data. The special attention on your privacy while using your data is important to us. So this website is persued under the regulations of german and european laws.

    1. Personal Data

    Personal data will on this website only be used according to the rules of the german law "Bundesdatensschutzgesetz (BDSG) and european laws; The operators of this website commit themselves to discretion. This website may contain links to other websites, where these accepted rules (BDSG) may not be in use. Be sure to also read our JM-Terms & Conditions.

    Personal data are Informations, that may be used to clearly identify your identity. These are real name, adress and your phonenumber. Other informations that are not directly related to your person or identity (e.g. IP-Adresses, favoured Webseites or the amount of use of a website) are not related to personal data. It is possible to use our website without offering us any data.

    If you decide for registering at our website to receive a JM-Useraccount or upgrading to a paying JM-User (more info on that here) it is nessesary to enter personal data inside the registration form and pass it on to us, as this will be stored in your personal JM-User-profile. It is your free will and decision to enter and supply this data or not.

    As we try to keep the amount of collected data as small as possible, while registering we ask you for the following personal data: your real name, complete adress with street, city and postal prefix, a phonenumber (cellphone) and a valid eMail-adress. We need this data according to german law to send you nessesary registration-informations and administrate your account.
    There is no personal untilisation of this data, just the statistic use of anonymized data is been done from that by ourselfes (e.g. to see which pages have been frequented or not and how often).

    Additionally there will be the following data stored on our server while using our website: your IP-Adress, date, time and used webpages.

    We use personal data only for the use of technical administration of the website, for customer (member) management and our own marketing.

    2. Redistribution of personal data

    We only use your personal data on and for THIS website. There will NEVER be any of your personal data be passed to any third party without your written permission! If there will be any data passed on to any service providers (like the provider of our webspace for example), it is always bound to the german law "Bundesdatensschutzgesetz (BDSG) and this privacy policy.

    Any passing of statistics or passing of personal data will exclusively be done to state facilities and authorities and occur only within the scope of compelling regulations according to german law (BDSG) or european laws.

    3. The use of Cookies

    Our website uses temporary Cookies. Cookies are little pieces of text which will be stored on your local machine to assure the correct functionalty of our pages. There will be no other data be connected with these which allow any reconnection to your person. We assure that we will NEVER collect any personal data within cookies!

    We only use Cookies - little textfiles with configuration-informations - which are nessesary for the correct technical functions of our website. These cookies are storing for example language data of our users or realize special user-features. All areas of the website are usable without cookies basically. But there may be a lack of special functions like design-configurations that may not work without them.

    Still we like to point out that stored cookies on your PC may be read by third parties eventually (which don´t have to do anything with us). So it is always a good idea only to accept temporary cookies and/or to erase cookies on your PC regularely after any Online-Session from your (Browser-)Cache.

    Persons under 18 years of age should NOT supply us any kind of personal data. We DONT collect any personal data of chlidren or youngsters, nor do we pass them to anyone else third-party.

    5. Your right for revocation

    If you supply us any kind of personal data you may anytime change or erase this data in your personal profile or demand for it beeing erased by our webmaster, according to german laws (BDSG).

    If you want to cancel your JM-User-account please contact our Webmaster with an eMail to " webmaster [at] " (please change the [at] to @ without any spaces or brackets).
    Until your account is finally erased by our webmaster any kind of comments in articles as well as other supplied data may leave untouched until then. More Informations on that in our JM-Terms & Conditions.

    6. Links to other Websites

    Our website contains Links to other Websites. We have no influence on these websites or on the fact if their operators keep to these data protection regulations and privacy policy. We strongly decline and refuse any responsability for any of these third party websites.

    7. Questions and comments

    For questions and comments about this privacy policy, about our website content or any technical questions we ask you to contact our webmaster via eMail to " webmaster [at] " (please change the [at] to @ without any spaces or brackets).


  • Kursaufbau "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar"

    kat live

    Modul 1 - Beginner 1 von "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" Inhalt:

    ·  Einführung in Gypsyjazz, Geschichte des Stils
    ·  Rhythmus I - Einführung (Comping, Jazz-Comping und La Pompe)
    ·  Akkord-Spiel, Jazz- und Jazz-Manouche Chords, erste Rhythmus-Übungen
    ·  Einführung in Solotechnik (I): einfache Moll-/DUR-Skalen, added 6th, einfache DUR- u. Moll-Arpeggien, Pentatonik im Jazz
    ·  Der Blues im Jazz und seine Bedeutung, Moll-Blues mit Varianten
    ·  Songs: Minor Swing, Blues en Mineur, Douce Ambiance, Swing Gitan
    ·  Jam-Session mit den Songs/Lernmaterial des Moduls

    Mehr Infos zu Modul 1

    Modul 2 - Beginner 2 von "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" Inhalt:

    ·     Erweiterter La Pompe und
    ·     Rhythmus-Übungen (Swing Pompe, Walzer)
    ·     Erweiterte Jazz-Chords (Moll 6st, 7th und 9th, Maj7, 6/9) im Gypsystyle (Django-like)
    ·     Einführung in Solotechnik (II): erweiterte Skalen (Harmonisches Moll, „Zigeuner“-Moll, DUR-/Moll-Skala), Arpeggien mit added 6th, Dur-/Moll-parallellen
    ·     Der DUR-Blues und seine Varianten
    ·     Songs: Blues Clair, Lady be good, Dinah, Lentement mademoiselle
    ·     Jam-Session mit den Songs

    Mehr Infos zu Modul 2

    Modul 3 - Advanced 1 von "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" Inhalt:

    ·     Rhythmus II (Çsardas-Begleitung, Gypsy-Balladen, Fast Swing)
    ·     Rhythmus-Übungen (Akzente, Stops, Fills)
    ·     Kadenzen im Jazz, die Voll- und II-V-I Kadenz im Jazz(-Manouche), Erklärung Entstehung der Kadenz, Zusammenhang von Kadenzen in Songs
    ·     Erweiterte Solotechnik (III): DUR-Skala, Disminished Skala & Arpeggien, Tricks der JM-Gitarre (Slurs, Triller, Target-playing, enclosing notes), erweiterte Arpeggien (7, Maj7, Moll9)
    ·     Songs: I can´t give you anything but love, Hungaria, Lover man
    ·     Jam-Session mit den Songs/Inhalten des Moduls

    Mehr Infos zu Modul 3

    Modul 4 - Advanced 2 von "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" Inhalt:

    ·     Rhythmus III (Walzer II, Jazz-Waltz, Intros & Endings)
    ·     Kadenzen im Jazz II: die Teilkadenz I-III-VI-II-V, Zusammenhang in Songs
    ·     Erweiterte Solotechnik (IV): how to build a solo? Konzepte zur Improvisation, Skalen, Arpeggien, modales Spiel
    ·     Übungen zur Solotechnik, Soloaufbau zu Chord-changes in Songs
    ·     Songs: Bei Dir war es immer so schön, Sweet Georgia Brown, Route vinght-six
    ·     Jam-Session mit einem prominenten Überraschungsgast

    Mehr Infos zu Modul 4

    Modul 5 - Advanced 3 von "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" Inhalt:

    · Rhythmus IV: rhythmische Variationen des La Pompe (Stomping, modern Shortcut-Pompe, Fast Offbeat m. Wechselbass (Çsardas II), Gypsy-Bolero u. Rumba
    · Kadenzen im Jazz III: komplexe oder verschachtelte II-V-I od. I-III-VI-II-V- Songs
    · Solotechnik (V): how to build a solo? Konzepte zur erweiterten Improvisation, Positioning, lange 8tel-Läufe kreieren, Arpeggien und Skalen verbinden uvm.
    · Behandelte Songs: For Sephora, Made in France, All the things you are, Donna Lee
    Jam-Session mit einem prominenten Überraschungsgast

    Mehr Infos zu Modul 5

    Anmeldungen für die nächsten Workshop-Module sind bereits jetzt möglich.
    Um frühzeitige Anmeldung wird dringend gebeten!

    Worauf warten? Die Plätze sind begrenzt*
    Jetzt hier direkt online zum Workshop anmelden !

    Hier findet die Masterclass statt:

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  • Right of revocation acc. BGB § 312c

    info 128x128According to german law, explicit the german "Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB), since 2014-06-01 when offering Online-services according to BGB § 312c it is obliged to inform users and contract-partners about their right of revocation.

    Hereby we inform you about your right of revocation in conjuction with our contract in common. This right of revocation, which has to be read and confirmed by you by sending your registration for one of my services, is part of our contract.

    What are Online-Services?

    The german "Fernabsatzrecht" distinguishes between physical goods, services or digital content. Digital contents are for example Downloads.
    Servicecontracts are, according to Art. 2 Nr. 6 of the VRRL, contracts not for buying physical goods but contracts were the service-person or company is offering and delivering certain services on demand of the buyer and contract-partner, of which the user is paying any negotiated price for.

    Examples of these services are reparation services of any kind, Online-courses or the use of single-portals.

    Approval of termination of revocation-rights

    In these services mentioned above, the right of revocation vanishes as soon as the service-partner has fully delivered his service and/or the user has in advance declared his approval under binding law before accepting the beginning of service or before end of revocation period.

    If the user is revocing his contract before end of fully completion of the service in question, e.g. in time when his right not yet had ended, the user/contractpartner still is in charge of paying the parts of services that had been delivered until the day/hour of cancellation - if in advance he bindingly had demanded his servicepartner to begin the services before ending of revocation period, and secondly has been fully informed about his right of revocation in advance before demanding the services.

    No nessesary fullfilling of contracts no more of both contract-partners

    Since 2014-06-13 it is not nessesary that the contract has been perfectly fullfilled by the user/contract-partner to be revoced.
    The BGB-law in §356 Abs. 4.1 since the 2014-06-13 reads the following:

    "The revocation law also vanishes in a servicecontract if the servicepartner has fullfilled his service 100% and/or had started his service after the user/contractpartner has bindingly declared to know that he will loose the right of revocation by accepting the services to be started, and to know that in advance."

    Hereby i precautionary point out that by sending in your online-registration (for skype-lessons or Workshop)you declare that the services ordered by you should undoubtly and definately should start before the ending period of your revocation rights.

    Further you bindingly declare to know that by my fullfilling of the contract-subject (skype-lessons/workshop) you will loose your right of revocation (acc. BGB). And the more you declare that you have read, understood and fully accepted this right of revocation, the terms & conditions (for skype-lessons or Workshop) and our Privacy Policy undoubtly.

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    info 128x128Gemäß dem deutschen Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch (BGB) besteht seit dem 01.06. 2014 für Betreiber von Online-Dienstleistungen die Informationspflicht zum Widerrufsrecht gem. BGB § 312c für Verbraucher und Vertragspartner.

    Hiermit informieren wir Sie über die Ihnen zustehenden Widerrufsrechte im Zusammenhang mit dem zwischen uns zu schliessenden Vertrag. Dieses Widerrufsrecht welches von Ihnen vor Abschluss des Vertrages gelesen und bestätigt wurde ist damit Bestandteil unseres abgeschlossenen Vertrages.

    Was sind Dienstleistungen?

    Das Fernabsatzrecht unterscheidet zwischen Waren, Dienstleistungen und digitalen Inhalten. Digitale Inhalte sind z. B. Downloads.
    Dienstleistungsverträge sind gemäß Art. 2 Nr. 6 der VRRL Verträge, die keine Kaufverträge sind und nach denen der Unternehmer eine Dienstleistung für den Verbraucher erbringt oder deren Erbringung zugesagt und der Verbraucher hierfür den Preis zahlt oder dessen Zahlung gesagt hat.

    Beispiele dafür sind Reparaturdienstleistungen, Online-Kurse oder die Nutzung von Partnerbörsen.

    Zustimmung zum Erlöschen des Widerrufsrechts

    Bei Dienstleistungen erlischt das Widerrufsrecht, wenn der Unternehmer die Dienstleistung vollständig erbracht hat und der Verbraucher vorher seine Zustimmung zum Beginn der Ausführung der Dienstleistung vor Ablauf der Widerrufsfrist erteilt hat.

    Widerruft der Verbraucher den Vertrag vor der vollständigen Erfüllung, also wenn das Recht noch nicht erloschen ist, schuldet er Wertersatz für die bis zum Zeitpunkt des Widerrufs erbrachten Teilleistungen, wenn er vom Unternehmer ausdrücklich verlangt hat, dass dieser mit der Ausführung der Dienstleistung vor Ablauf der Widerrufsfrist beginnt und er auch korrekt über das Widerrufsrecht und den Anspruch auf Wertersatz belehrt wurde.

    Keine beiderseitige vollständige Vertragserfüllung mehr nötig

    Ab dem 13.06.2014 ist für das vorzeitige Erlöschen des Widerrufsrechts nicht mehr entscheidend, ob der Vertrag auch vom Verbraucher bereits vollständig erfüllt wurde.

    So heißt es in der ab dem 13.06.2014 geltenden Vorschrift des §356 Abs. 4.1:

    "Das Widerrufsrecht erlischt bei einem Vertrag zur Erbringung von Dienstleistungen auch dann, wenn der Unternehmer die Dienstleistung vollständig erbracht hat und mit der Ausführung der Dienstleistung erst begonnen hat, nachdem der Verbraucher dazu seine ausdrückliche Zustimmung gegeben hat und gleichzeitig seine Kenntnis davon bestätigt hat, dass er sein Widerrufsrecht bei vollständiger Vertragserfüllung durch den Unternehmer verliert."

    Hiermit weise ich forsorglich nochmals darauf hin dass Sie mit Absenden Ihrer Online-Anmeldung zustimmen und mit Ihrer Registrierung (zum skype-Unterricht bzw. Workshop) ausdrücklich verlangen, dass die von Ihnen in Anspruch genommene Dienstleistung (Unterricht/Workshop) ausdrücklich vor Ende der Widerrufsfrist mit der Ausführung der beauftragten Dienstleistung begonnen werden soll.

    Weiterhin bestätigen Sie, dass Ihnen bekannt ist, dass Sie bei vollständiger Vertragserfüllung durch mich Ihr Widerrufrecht (gem. BGB) verlieren. Und Sie erklären ferner dass Sie die hier vorliegende Widerrufsbelehrung, die Teilnahmebedingungen (AGB für den skype-Unterricht oder Workshop) und unsere Datenschutzerklärung gelesen und verstanden haben und sie ausdrücklich akzeptieren und bestätigen.

    Zurück zum skype-Unterricht

  • Workshop "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar"

    modular gjgAktuelle Termine:

    Modul 1 - 11.03.17
    Modul 2 - 12.03.17
    Modul 3 - 22.04.17
    Modul 4 - 23.04.17
    Modul 5 - 06.05.17
    Anmeldung hier

    Mit seinem neuen Konzept "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" hat Bertino Rodman nun seinen bisherigen Workshop "Masterclass für Gypsyjazzgitarre" komplett überarbeitet und umstrukturiert.

    Angeregt durch die Nachfragen vieler Workshop-Teilnehmer nach weiterführenden Folge-Workshops wurde das bisherige Konzept der "Masterclass für Gypsyjazzgitarre" komplett überarbeitet und bietet nun ein komplettes 5-stufiges Lernsystem mit abgeschlossenen Modulen mit unterschiedlichen Levels und Inhalten.

    Interessant ist dieses Workshop-Konzept damit sowohl für Einsteiger in den Stil des Gypsyjazz/Jazz-Manouche welche den Workshop mit Modul 1 beginnen und den kompletten Worshop durchlaufen, als auch für fortgeschrittene Player des Stils welche gemäß ihres eigenen Levels in ein beliebiges Modul einsteigen können.

    Mehr Infos und Anmeldungen zum Workshop/Modulen hier.
  • Workshop "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar"

    modular gjgActual dates:

    Module 1 - 11.03.17
    Module 2 - 12.03.17
    Module 3 - 22.04.17
    Module 4 - 23.04.17
    Module 5 - 13.05.17
    Register your seat here

    With his new concept "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" Bertino Rodman has completely changed and re-structured his previous workshop "Masterclass for Gypsyjazzguitar".

    Inspired by the demands for follow-up classes of many participants and of his experience from previous workshops, the concept of his workshops have been changed into a new learning-system with 5 different closed-up modules, containing different skills and contents.

    This new Masterclass-concept is interesting for beginners of the style of Gypsyjazz/Jazz-Manouche, who would enter the workshop at Module 1 and run thru the whole Workshop, as well as advanced players of the style which could jump into entering at any certain level according to their own skills and interest.

    More Infos and Registration to Workshop/Modules here.
  • Workshop "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" - Allgemeine Infos

    kat live Um an dem Workshop "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" oder einem der 5 Module des kompletten Workshops teilnehmen zu können, sollte der Teilnehmer auf jeden Fall eine mehrjährige (mind. 4-5 Jahre) Erfahrung im Gitarrespiel haben. Bitte lesen Sie dazu auch hier die Teilnahmebedingungen.

    Grundsätzlich handelt es sich dabei zwar um einen Einsteigerkurs in dieses Genre, allerdings ist das Niveau dabei relativ hoch! (Für Gitarreneinsteiger ist der Kurs daher definitiv nicht zu empfehlen!) 

    Ein gruBertino 0510ndsätzliches Wissen über über Grundbegriffe der Musik (Harmonielehre, Akkorde, Tonleitern etc) sollte also vorhanden sein. Weiteres musikalisches Wissen oder Grundkenntnis von Jazz ist von Vorteil aber keine Bedingung.

    Der Kurs (die Module) enthält die folgenden Themen:

    1. Einleitung
    2. Infos zu Gypsy-Swing, Jazz-Manouche und Zigeunerjazz, Geschichtliches über die Instrumente, Saiten und Plectren, den Sound
    3. Das Rhythmusspiel - Einführung in die Swing-Rhythmik des  "La Pompe"
    4. Jazz-Akkorde, Akkord-Aufbau und ihre Substitution
    5. Solotechnik - Einführung in Swing-Solospiel, Anschlagstechniken, Arpeggien, Skalen, Soloaufbau
    6. Die Kunst der Improvisation - Einführung in Improvisation, Aufbau und Konzeption eines Solos
    7. Freie Improvisation
    8. Fragen und Antworten

    Weitere Infos zum genauen Kursaufbau gibt es hier zu lesen.

    Der Veranstaltungsort ist i.d.R. in D-61184 Karben (bei Frankfurt / 15km), die genaue Location richtet sich meist nach der Teilnehmerzahl und wird rechtzeitig bekannt gegeben. In der Regel findet der Workshop im Bürgerhaus Karben statt (Anfahrt via GoogleMaps).

    Die genauen Workshop-Termine werden nach entsprechender Teilnehmeranzahl den Teilnehmern direkt bekannt gegeben.
    Der Veranstaltungsbeginn des jeweiligen Moduls des Workshops "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" ist Samstags ab 10.00 Uhr bis max. 16.30 Uhr. Es wird im Kurs Infomaterial zu den behandelten Themen ausgegeben.

    Die Kosten für das jeweilige Workshop-Modul sind 75.- bzw. 99.- EUR p.Person, der komplette Kurs inkl. aller 5 Module kostet 450.-€ (für 1 Jahr!).
    Um möglichst frühzeitige Anmeldung wird dringend gebeten!

    Worauf warten? Die Plätze sind begrenzt*
    Jetzt hier direkt online zum Workshop/Modul anmelden !

    Weitere Infos zu Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten findet man hier. 

    *Hinweis: der Workshop bzw. das jeweilige Workshop-Modul findet nur bei entsprechender Teilnehmeranzahl von mind. 7 Personen statt. Sind weniger als 5 Teilnehmer zu dem jeweiligen Modul angemeldet fällt der Workshop/Modul-Termin aus. Es wird ein entsprechender Ausweichtermin mit allen Teilnehmern vereinbart.

    Hier findet die Masterclass statt:

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  • Workshop "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" - mehr Infos

    kat liveDen Swing-Rhythmus des sog. "La Pompe" richtig zu beherrschen ist oft schwieriger als es sich im ersten Moment anhört. Dies liegt in erster Linie an der verwendeten Anschlagstechnik welche sich sehr von der gewohnten Art Saiten anzuschlagen unterscheidet, dabei aber ganz wesentlich zum autenthischen Sound beiträgt.

    Viele denken am Anfang dass es sich beim JazzManouche-Rhythmus doch nur um ein wenig "boum-chack" handelt und man das ganz schnell lernen kann. Dass es aber in dieser Rhythmik sehr viele verschiedene feine Facetten, ja sogar höchst unterschiedliche "Spielarten" gibt, ist genauso vielen nicht bekannt.

    bertino 2014 03Aber auch bei der Solotechnik gibt es grosse Unterschiede im Gypsyjazz zu den sonst oft gewohnten Anschlags- oder Spieltechniken, grade und im Besonderen für Gitarristen die aus anderen Stilrichtungen (z.B. Blues, Rock, Pop) zu dieser Musik kommen.
    Es sind andere Skalen und Arpeggien, andere Läufe und Tricks die im Gypsyjazz verwendet werden - all das soll in diesem Workshop, zumindest ansatzweise, vermittelt werden.

    Ein solides Grundwissen über Skalen und Akkorde sollte ein Interessent dieses Workshops daher also schon haben. Weiteres musikalisches Wissen bzw. Grundkenntnis von Jazz ist zwar von Vorteil aber keine Bedingung. (Siehe auch die Teilnahmebedingungen hier). Hier findet Ihr den genauen Kursaufbau im Detail und noch weitere detaillierte Infos zum Workshop hier.

    Es werden während der Masterclass alle notwendigen Techniken, Skalen und Tricks zumindest soweit vermittelt, dass die Teilnehmer ein gutes Rüstzeug haben sollten um diese Musik anschliessend mit Freude und Spass weiter für sich entdecken zu können und auch weiter in der richtigen Richtung an ihrer Spieltechnik zu arbeiten.

    Oder wie mal ein bekannter Gypsyjazzgitarrist sagte: "... die ersten 30 Jahre im Gypsyjazz sind die schwersten... vor allem wenn man in die falsche Richtung läuft!"
    Anmeldungen· für die jeweils kommende Masterclass sind bereits jetzt möglich.

    Die genauen Workshop-Termine werden nach entsprechender Anmeldung der Teilnehmeranzahl den Teilnehmern direkt bekannt gegeben. Der Veranstaltungsbeginn des jeweiligen Moduls des Workshops "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" ist Samstags ab 10.00 Uhr bis max. 16.30 Uhr. Es wird im Kurs Infomaterial zu den behandelten Themen ausgegeben.

    Die Kosten für das jeweilige Workshop-Modul sind 75.- bzw. 99.- € p. Person, der komplette Kurs inkl. aller 5 Module kostet bei Bezahlung im voraus 450.-€ (alle 5 Module, für ein Jahr), das entspricht einem Rabatt von 75.- €.

    Um möglichst frühzeitige Anmeldung wird dringend gebeten!

    Worauf warten? Die Plätze sind begrenzt*
    Jetzt hier direkt online zum Workshop/Modul anmelden !

    Weitere Infos zu Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten findet man hier. 

    *Hinweis: der Workshop bzw. das jeweilige Workshop-Modul findet nur bei entsprechender Teilnehmeranzahl von mind. 7 Personen statt. Sind weniger als 5 Teilnehmer zu dem jeweiligen Modul angemeldet fällt der Workshop/Modul-Termin ggf. aus. Es wird ein entsprechender Ausweichtermin mit allen Teilnehmern vereinbart.

    Fragen & AntwortenWer noch weitere Fragen zu den Workshops hat kann hier Antworten in den Workshop-FAQs nachlesen. Für weitere Fragen zum Kurs-Inhalt, Ablauf oder anderen Fragen könnt ihr mir hier jederzeit gern ein eMail senden.

    Hier das "Kleingedruckte":

    Anmeldeschluss ist 14 Tage vor Kursbeginn, bis dahin sollte auch spätestens die entsprechende Anzahlung bei mir eingegangen sein. Bei ungenügender Teilnehmeranzahl ( > 7 Teilnehmer) wird der Veranstaltungstermin ggf. auf ein anderes Datum verschoben. Bereits gezahlte Anmeldegebühren behalten selbstverständlich ihre Gültigkeit und behalten (wenn gewünscht) ihre Gültigkeit für den jeweils nächsten Workshop, werden zum neuen Termin also ganz normal angerechnet. Der neue Veranstaltungstermin wird den Teilnehmern im voraus mitgeteilt (bitte Kontaktdaten komplett bei Anmeldung mit angeben!). Sollte ein Teilnehmer zum entsprechenden neuen Veranstaltungs-Datum nicht teilnehmen können werden bereits gezahlte Teilnahme-Gebühren selbstverständlich in voller Höhe (abzgl. Buchungskosten) zurück erstattet.

    Sie können leider nicht zu einem meiner Workshops kommen (zu weit weg, falscher Termin, zu hohe Kosten mit Übernachtungen und Anreise o.ä.)?

    Wenn "der Prophet nicht zum Berg kommen kann, dann muss der Berg eben zum Proheten gehen..."!

    Organisieren Sie doch einfach selbst einen Termin mit mir in Ihrer Stadt (an Ihrem Ort)!

    Lesen Sie hier die weiteren Details dazu.

    Hier findet die Masterclass statt:

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