• Berlinale 2017: Eröffnung Django Reinhardt Film

    Die BERLINALE wird in diesem Jahr 2017 mit einem Film über Django Reinhardt und sein Leben eröffnet.

    Die Filmmusik wurde vom "Rosenberg Trio" eingespielt.
  • Berlinale 2017: opening with Django Reinhardt Film

    The grad opening of this years videoshow "BERLINALE" will be a Film on Django Reinhardt and his life.

    The music has been played and recorded by the famous "Rosenberg Trio".
  • Bertino Rodmann - official Endorser at

    The fast growing market of Gypsyjazz-Products is ever changing and evolving: just in june the new Guitar-Model by Polak-Guitars (before  ERG) with the name "Model Bertino" has been released (Models for sale, see the News above). Now there are some more news for Bertino Rodmann.

    bertino jmpicks
    Jokko of asked Bertino in summer 16 if he likes to become an official Endorser with

    In collaboration the two created a special pick on demand of Bertino which is available right now. From now on the new Pick "Model Bertino" is avialable at

    Material "Tortoise", 5,5mm strong, Price 17,50€

    You may order the new pick on the Website of Jokko:
  • Bertino Rodmann - offizieller Endorser bei

    Im schnellebigen Markt für Gypsyjazz-Produkte geht es Schlag auf Schlag: war erst im Juni das neue Gitarren-Modell von Polak-Guitars (ehem. ERG) mit dem Namen "Model Bertino" auf den Markt gekommen (Modelle zu verkaufen siehe oben in den News), so gibt es bereits wenig später weitere Neuigkeiten für Bertino Rodmann.

    bertino jmpicks
    Jokko von hat Bertino im Sommer angesprochen ob er offizieller Endorser bei werden möchte.

    Es wurde von beiden daraufhin ein spezielles Pick nach den Wünschen und Vorstellungen von Bertino angefertigt welches nun erhältlich ist. Ab sofort ist das neue Pick "Model Bertino" auch bei erhältlich.

    Material "Tortoise", 5,5mm stark, Preis 17,50€

    Zu beziehen ist das Pick direkt auf der Website des Herstellers:

    Hier finden sich aktuelle News aus der JazzManouche-Szene, CD-Vorstellungen, Festival, Termine uvm.
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    Actual News from the JazzManouche-Scene, CD-releases, Festivals, dates and much more
  • JM-Website-News

    In the last months we had much work to do on our Website any thus many changes have been achieved.
    We re-designed, created new sections including many details, the visibility of the website for mobile end-user-devices has been optimized, though many changes were done technically "under the hood".

    dl areaOne of the new and re-designed sections is the Download-area which has been re-designed and structured from scratch with new tools to give a better performance and more comfortable User-experience.
    There are new sectoins for free Downloads for all  logged-in JM-Users as well as new areas for payed downloads like for example for eBooks which we will additionally offer in these areas from 2017.

    But there are even more breaking news, as we have decided to do another re-organizing of our financing of the website.
    By means the payed memberships, newly started in early 2014, will be canceled again and we will now start to  finance our website thru advertising ads such as banners and other stuff, which we tried to deny for the last years.

    So regrettably we cant stop our JM-Users from seeing banners and other advertisings in the near future from now on!

    This was not possible to do else as the system of user-financed payed memberships didn´t work in the end for us.
    This means too less users accepted this system and were open to pay money for a membership and for the many infos that we offer on our pages (more than 300 pages and more than 1500 images!). Stinginess seems cool these days and especially on the net, so users expect to get every information for free ... well.
    We couldnt pay our bills we 3-4 paying users within a year. So now this sad step towards commmercialism, which we tried to avoid for years.
    non commercial
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