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Welcome to our Homepage. offers all kind of Infos on Jazz-Manouche or Gypsyjazz
the music of Django Reinhardt and his heritage, about Guitars, News, Workshops
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downloads and much more...

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Right of revocation acc. BGB § 312c

info 128x128According to german law, explicit the german "Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB), since 2014-06-01 when offering Online-services according to BGB § 312c it is obliged to inform users and contract-partners about their right of revocation.

Hereby we inform you about your right of revocation in conjuction with our contract in common. This right of revocation, which has to be read and confirmed by you by sending your registration for one of my services, is part of our contract.

What are Online-Services?

The german "Fernabsatzrecht" distinguishes between physical goods, services or digital content. Digital contents are for example Downloads.
Servicecontracts are, according to Art. 2 Nr. 6 of the VRRL, contracts not for buying physical goods but contracts were the service-person or company is offering and delivering certain services on demand of the buyer and contract-partner, of which the user is paying any negotiated price for.

Examples of these services are reparation services of any kind, Online-courses or the use of single-portals.

Approval of termination of revocation-rights

In these services mentioned above, the right of revocation vanishes as soon as the service-partner has fully delivered his service and/or the user has in advance declared his approval under binding law before accepting the beginning of service or before end of revocation period.

If the user is revocing his contract before end of fully completion of the service in question, e.g. in time when his right not yet had ended, the user/contractpartner still is in charge of paying the parts of services that had been delivered until the day/hour of cancellation - if in advance he bindingly had demanded his servicepartner to begin the services before ending of revocation period, and secondly has been fully informed about his right of revocation in advance before demanding the services.

No nessesary fullfilling of contracts no more of both contract-partners

Since 2014-06-13 it is not nessesary that the contract has been perfectly fullfilled by the user/contract-partner to be revoced.
The BGB-law in §356 Abs. 4.1 since the 2014-06-13 reads the following:

"The revocation law also vanishes in a servicecontract if the servicepartner has fullfilled his service 100% and/or had started his service after the user/contractpartner has bindingly declared to know that he will loose the right of revocation by accepting the services to be started, and to know that in advance."

Hereby i precautionary point out that by sending in your online-registration (for skype-lessons or Workshop) you declare that the services ordered by you should undoubtly and definately should start before the ending period of your revocation rights.

Further you bindingly declare to know that by my fullfilling of the contract-subject (skype-lessons/workshop) you will loose your right of revocation (acc. BGB). And the more you declare that you have read, understood and fully accepted this right of revocation, the terms & conditions (for skype-lessons or Workshop) and our Privacy Policy undoubtly.

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Masterclass f. GJ-Guitar


keylockHello JM-Guest-User,

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info-128x128General Informations

Content responsable Person
Bertino Rodmann
D-61184 Karben
phone: +49 - 171 - 5253577
eMail: contact [at]

Technically responsable Person
Hans Meiserl
E-Mail: webmaster [at]

Website-use according to german and european laws - Telemediengesetz

1. Copyright Information

All informations on this website will be offered "as is" without any kind of claim of truth, actuality or completeness.

If not defined elsewhere inside the publication, document or file (as of any part of it) everybody has the right to read, watch, copy or distribute it - under the following conditions: any information, document or file is only free for private or non-commercial use. Any kind of commercial use or other kind of use which is not defined here is strictly forbidden.

Any copying, re-distributing or altering of any file, text, image, video or parts of these need the written permission of the owner ( or the author), as well as containing the intact copyright-label of its author. The owner keeps the right for revocing his written permission at any time. If received the user has to emediately stop the use of these files or any parts of it.
All files and documents, wether text, images or else are supplied under the german and european laws, especially german copyright law.

All images, text, or any other kind of content on our website remain copyrighted by their respective owners ©2000-2015

2. Contractual assurances and disclaimers / disclaimer of liability

The website is - if not defined other elsewhere - free of use. The operators and authors of this website take over no guarantee for correctness of the contained information, availability of the services, loss from stored away data or usability for any kind of use. The operators are not reliable for any secondary damages which are based on a use of this website or parts of it.
As far as a disclaimer of liability is not considered, the operators and authors merely are only reliable for coarse carelessness and intention.

Any product- and company names are brands of the respective owners and are used exclusively for the purposes of information on this website .

This publication may contain technical or other content inaccuracies, write or translation-errors or typing mistakes.
Every now and then changes are added to the present information; these changes are inserted in new or available issues of the publication. The webmaster may at any time insert improvements and/or changes inside the offers of the website which are described in and are part of this imprint, even in future additions.

3. Expression of opinions in comments

On account of the constantly changing contents of user-comments within the website it is not possible for the webmaster to consistently sight all contributions or examine the contents for any concerns nor to have immediate active control of it.
No responsibility for any the contents of comments or other content, as the correctness and the form of the opposed contributions is taken over by the webmaster nor the owners of the website.

3a. Special rules and regulations for logged-in JM-Users

By logging into our website as a registered JM-user the member declares to accept the following rules and terms of use:

Members which enter any comments on our website assure and declare:

  • 1. to avoid and abstain any insults, punishable contents, pornography and coarse language in their contributions,

  • 2. to bear the sole responsibility for the contents opposed by them, not to injure right of third (in particular brands rights, authors rights and/or personal rights of any third party) and the more to set free and release the owners and operators of the website from any juridical claims caused on and by their contributions completely by third parties.

  • 3. neither to put any kind of advertisements into forums nor in comments or to use forums and comments for any kind of commercial activity. In particular this is valid for the publication of 0900-phone numbers, any kind of Spam or other unlawful activities of any purpose.

There is no claim to publication of submitted comments or forum contributions by the contributing User. The operators and owner of the website reserve themselves to edit comments and forum contributions at its own discretion or even to extinguish.
Any injuries to the rules under 1), 2) and 3) the operators reserve themselves the right to close the membership for a limited period or to extinguish the JM-User-account permanently without no written explanation or message to the user. Please also be sure to read our JM-Terms & Conditions

4. Submitting of contributions and/or articles

As far as a member makes use of the possibility to submit own contributions for the editorial part, following rules are valid:
condition for the post of own contributions is that the member has entered his entire and correct data (first- and familyname, adress, phone, eMail) into his user profile while registering. The submitted contribution on publication might be marked with the name registered here.

The member hereby guarantees and confirmes the following assurances for all contributions which are submitted by him or her now or in future:

  • 1. The member assures that the submitted contributions of any content are freely from right of third, in particular rights of authors, brands rights or any personal rights. This is valid for any kind of submitted contributions, content and images/videos.
  • 2. The member transfers the worldwide and unlimited right of use on the submitted contributions to the operators and owners of This encloses publication on the Internet as well as on any Internet servers, in newsletters, print media and any other publications.
  • 3. Submitted content will be anonymized or erased again by request of the member via eMail to our Webmasters.  The deletion or anonymization occurs within 7-14 days after communication with our webmaster. 
  • For secondary damages to the member that originates from the late deletion of the contribution, the operators stick only to their responsability if they are not based on the injuries of the member (see under 1), 2) and 3)) and as far as they, in addition, are only caused by fault or intention of the operators.
  • In addition we point out the fact that this website becomes indexed from searchengines regularly, and that we have no influence on whether where and how long published contributions are possibly stored in databases of searchengines and/or web-catalogues and are retrievable after their deletion.
  • 4. There is no claim to storage, publication or archiving the submitted contributions. The operators reserve themselves the right not to publish (or publish only in extracts) submitted contributions as well as to edit, alter or delete contributions (before or after publication) without any reasons, on their free judgement.
  • 5. No compensation demands (fees, royalties, expenditure compensations or similar) of the member originate from the publication of submitted contributions towards the operator of the website. The cooperation is honourary (free of charge).
  • 6. All contributions are beeing used under the JM-Terms & Conditions

5. Privacy Policy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

6. Contact

For questions on technical or content please contact our webmaster via eMail-adress " webmaster [at] " (please change the [at] to @ without spaces or brackets)


Signup to skype-lessons successful!

Thank you for your signup to skype-lessons!skype

bertino 2011 011
supportI have received your signup for skype-lessons and will as soon as possible get in touch with you for further details.

You will automatically receive an eMail within the next 24 hours with more details for your payment and about the lessons. After negotiating the exact dates and hours with you and receiving another eMail with my confirmation of these hours/dates in question this contract is fully in charge according to german law. Please check your eMail-account for eMails coming in from (evtl. look also inside your Anti-Spam-folder!).

Hint: If you dont receive an eMail within this time with your confirmed skype-lessons please contact me under bertino [at] to find out details.

After fully paying your skype-lessons your desired seat for the lessons is booked and reserved. Please also be sure to read the Terms & conditions for skype-lessons and the right of revocation (acc. german law).

Thank you again and have fun with our lessons!
Bertino Rodmann

To be sure to definately get your seat for the lessons you should now pay the skype-lessons booked by registering the form you´ve just sent. You may do that online easy, fast and reliable via Paypal or creditcard. Please choose your desired Option:

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