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Favino-Guitars (en)

Deception Favino-Git.

favino bj1979 no655
Here is a story of a JM-User that has been cheated for his money for a Favino-Guitar (SerialNo. #655), which is real existent, but not belonging to the seller. What happened was that the seller organized some images from a shop in Paris put the guitar on sale without even beeing the owner at all.
The guitar has been offered on „Petites Annonces“ on ebay-France (classifieds ads) on 25. January 2010 with the following original Text:

<quote ad>

Prix : 1000 €
Paris, 75003

Vendeur: Satto T 25/01 à 16h04

Ne paser pas à coté de cette opportunité. Je cède cette belle guitare Jacques FAVINO de 1979. Guitare dite "manouche" car modèle popularisé par Django REINHARDT qui lui jouait sur guitare Selmer. Ce type de guitare est réservé à la musique jazz manouche.

BON ETAT GENERAL, caisse palissandre, table epicéa, mécaniques SB ( Jeu de SB complet en trés bon état).Le manche est droit, les frettes sont un peu usées.La guitare est jouable immediatement sans aucun frais à prévoir. Elle n'a subi aucun choc, aucune réparation, elle est dans son jus. Elle a l' usure d'une guitare de son age qui a été correctement conservée. A signaler deux petites fissures naissantes de part et d'autre du cordier phénomène trés fréquent pour ne pas dire survient toujours sur les guitares Favino à plus ou moins long terme

L'étiquette collée dans la caisse précise qu'il s'agit d'une guitare Jacques FAVINO portant le N°655 de Fèvrier 1979 Sonorité traditionelle Favino

Vendue avec un étui (pas d'origine).Un médiator en écaille sera offert
</quote end>

Additional were 4 images of the guitar (1 Original-image top left). The name of the seller was „Satto Trent“ and his e-mail-Adress was - gtfac [at] - (which meanwhile is offline).

In the following email contact with the seller he stated that "...he would have had an accident in his family and that he would urgently need money, hence, the instrument is sold favourably cheap.. " etc.

He sent to the bruised buyer the link of a London-based transport and trust-agency with European-wide delivery with a one-week return guarantee - a sort of a "one-week trustee's broad management of the purchase price with guaranteed restitution" if one is not convinced by the product. (Exactly the same mesh as the Romanian "web-mafia" already used for selling cars at and and which was applied around buyers to sell not available vehicles. Already hundreds of bruised buyers have been cheated by this mesh!).

This British "transport & trust-agency" was called "WestHarbor Capital LLP", about Google one finds there, however, only one London-based „fund management business“ company. However, the address is the same, only phone number and fax are invented.
You will only find out about the fake of the transport trust-agency if one writes the correct adress - one is written "Horbour" (fake) the original website is with "u" >>>; www. westharbourcapital. com.
So there is an original company westharbourcapital, only it is no "transport & trust-agency", but an investment company.
Then on the homepage of the supposed "transport & trust-agency" the guitar was already listed incl. phone and "Tracking number" etc. but the London "transport & trust-agency" there is not in truth, the homepage was just an incredibly professional Fake …

The fake seller „Satto Trent“ had then sent a mail to the buyer of a man called "Mark Semler" (one pays attention to the distorted name: Semler instead of SELMER!) from "WestHarbor Capital" passed on with all sales data and delivery dates and asked for the transfer of the amount on the way using "western union internationally" monetary transfer.

After the buyer had payed the amount of 1.000.- € the contact to the fake seller immediately stopped, no more reaction...

So: Take care while buying instruments ! Don´t let yourself be cheated by fake offers like these and walk around with open eyes !

All things that will be offered for a "just too cheap price" that is way down under the prices on the market will be no bargain but a real cheat ! Nobody has to make gifts nowdays nor in real life nor on the internet - so take care to whatever is been offered to you and surely inform yourself in advance before buing.

TIPP: take a look inside our JM-Guitar-Gallery first if the guitar on sale is listed there (we have 1.800+ images of old gypsyjazz-guitars of all kinds). If its not listed or you are in doubt in any way - keep your hands off the deal even if it sounds too good to be true...

Be sure to also read our article about 7 important tipps for buying old JM-guitars.

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