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Welcome to our Homepage. offers all kind of Infos on Jazz-Manouche or Gypsyjazz
the music of Django Reinhardt and his heritage, about Guitars, News, Workshops
and the hisstory of this music. We offer the biggest guitar-gallery on old gypsyguitars,
downloads and much more...

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Frame 6 (Homeslider): JM-Guitars

History of Gypsyjazz-Guitars

In our section "JazzManouche-Guitars" we offer many detailed informations and historical background about the famous Selmer-, Busato-, Favino- or DiMauro-Guitars with detailed descriptions for every guitarmodel plus our Guitar-Gallery containing more than 1.800 images of these great Guitars...

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Frame 5 (Homeslider): Workshops

"Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar"

The new workshop concept offered here by Bertino is called "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar". The new complete workshop "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" is made up from 5 different modules, which are itself closed up workshops with different skill-levels, which will be held all 2-3 months on demand, taking about one year all in all.

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Frame 1 (Homeslider): We got it all - we got the strong stuff about Gypsyjazz offers you News from the Gypsyjazz-Scene, history of the Sinti and Roma, the developing of the style and many more background-infos on Gypsyjazz, Gypsyjazz-Guitars, the Gypsyjazz-artists and much more...

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Frame 1 (Homeslider): Happy new year 22

Happy new year 22

Happy New year 2022

We wish all JM-Users, musicians and friends a very happy new year 2022. Stay healthy and happy!
Wir wünchen allen JM-Usern, Musiker-Kollegen und Freunden ein frohes neues Jahr 2022. Bleibt gesund und fröhlich!

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Frame 7 (Homeslider): Django

All about Django Reinhardt gives you informations on Django Reinhardt, his life-story with many background-infos on his life and family, his music, his paintings, on his buddy Stephane Grapelli and the worldfamous "Quintette du Hotclub de France"...

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