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help index 256x256Welcome to our new JM-Lexicon - a general Lexcicon about JazzManouche, Gypsyjazz or Sintiswing.

In our JM-Lexicon we provide some basic information on JazzManouche, Gypsyjazz or Sintiswing for our registered users that should help to gain further knowledge about the music we all love.

Of course a Lexicon is living from input and information and yet is not complete. But we are working hard to update and provide more and more information for a growing Lexicon to be setup. If you feel that you have some information that would fit into our JM-Lexicon don´t hide it and get in touch with us.

As well don´t hesitate to get part of the community right now and get your (free) JM-Useraccount today to be able to add information you know to our JazzManouche-Lexicon today. Please remember that you have to be logged in as JM-User to access the information inside the JM-Lexicon.

To search for information inside the JM-Lexicon use the searchfield or the list below (please log in first):

JM-Workshop Blog
The LIVE-Masterclass is a weekend-seminar with the title "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar".
More Infos here
Bei der Online-Masterclass handelt es sich um eine Onlineversion der "Masterclass für Gypsyjazzgitarre". In diesem Online-Workshop finden sich (fast) alle Inhalte der LIVE-Masterclass wieder.

Die Online-Masterclass kann hier direkt gebucht und verwendet werden.

Voigt_No16_05_klWe redesigned our section "Lick of the month" from scratch and are proud to offer you Gypsyjazz- Licks as short Videoclips. These videos may be watched by every public user (no LogIn needed). Only the assigned payable downloads (pdf and/or TABs) are restricted to our paying registered JM-Users. Interested? Wanna become a member? Take a look here.

4 f lydianTo analize so called "Licks", which basically are pieces mostly out of soloparts of famous Guitarrists, and to copy them may be helpful to find new inspiration and developing your own style of playing. For that reason we offer our "Lick of the month" to our users.

Nevertheless lets speak out a little word of warning on that issue: only just to copy Licks all the time doesnt mean you already know how to improvise!

Just take the Licks we offer here for your own inspiration to create your own kind of licks and develop your playing by this. So look at it just as a source of inspiration to play around with. Be sure to also read our article How to improvise - some thoughts on Improvisation.

Here are some typical Videos of Licks from well known GJ-Musicians

Fapy Lafertin

Stochelo Rosenberg

Stochelo Rosenberg

Wawau Adler

Gypsyjazz-Buch "Gypsyjazz Guitar"
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