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warning 128x128Even if we thought that the problems with our paid DOWNLOADs was a thing of the past, some users told us that there were again problems downloading.
Now that we (again) investigated to solve those problems and download errors, we found that the problems reside with our used pay-service PAYPAL.   Since last year, PAYPAL has slowly by slowly changed all of their user-accounts into so called "Private-accounts".
This means that only users that hold a "company- or professional-account" are still able to drive their online-shops or shopping carts. As thru this action the return-message from PAYPAL to the shop or cart after successful payment has been blocked. Payments still can be done and will be received, but no return message confirmation to the shopsystem. That explains the problems that we and our users have had ever since.

Nonetheless: no user has to worry that he/she will loose money with us when buying something from our online offers, so you can still buy with confidence!


We are really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our users and work hardly on a better solution in the meantime!

The JM-GuitarGallery meanwhile holds more than 2.500 images in the database of old Gypsyjazz-guitars of the brands Selmer, Busato, Favino, Castellucia or Di Mauro. That said, we are proudly that this is the BIGGEST Gallery of old Gyosy jazz guitars on the internet worldwide, and we are still constantly updating it with new instruments!

Actually a new section for old Gypsyjazzguitars of the famous french luthier J.B. Castellucia has been added to our gallery, containing 20+ new guitars. Also the other sections have been updated and new guitars been added. Check it out here!

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Live-Clubs in Covid-times 2021

"While in Germany 2G or 3G is beeing discussed, Clubowners and Eventcompanies are facing a new reality: The run on tickets for (2G-)Partys is still going strong, but the sales of tickets for Liveconcerts are stagnating actually.

Clubowners are facing a big dilemma: many states actually are allowing events with full packed locations only under 2G-conditions.

For Clubs that means, only vaccinated or recovered people are allowed to enter - not those that just have been "tested" negative on Covid. Unlike some guests believe, Clubowners and Eventmanagers dont have the choice, if they offer fully sold out Partys or Concerts under 2G or 3G conditions. If they want to fill up their location, that only is allowed with 2G. " (Source: BackstagePro.de)

This statement shows the actual problems of the scene, especially of Live-Clubs where Livemusic is beeing played.
Of course we ALL have to serve our bit in this situation, to fight this pandemic. While many refuse to get vaccinated, the fear on another lockdown is going round again within the next few weeks/months.

For sale: the new Polak "Model Bertino" Maple Series

The specialty of this unique guitar is in the design and the making. Unlike other Gypsyjazz Guitars and Selmer-copies, this model series are equipped with a strongly arched top and backsides, similar to electric Archtop Jazzguitars.
collage mod bertino maple 01 640
This guitar has been inspired by the so called "Busato"-Guitars (more Infos on Busato-Guitars here) which have been built in the 1930-1950ies and which meanwhile are sold as absolute rarities for prices between 7.000.- and 15.000.-€. Alike the rare Selmer-Guitars the Busatos are considered as the best Gypsyjazzguitars worldwide.

modbertino 2019 maple back closeThis Demo-Instrument (Prototype) on sale here, is handuilt by luthier Edward Polak of Polak-Gypsyguitars (former ERG-Guitars).

It is made from wonderfully grained Tigermaple (sides and back, see photos). The top is made from solid spruce.

New eBook: "JM-Scales-Book"

the jm scales book 400x283The new "JM-Scales-book" is available for download for about 19,90€.

On 30 pages "JM-Scales-book" all nessesary Infos on Scales will be provided, especially those who are intersting to use on the guitar in "Jazz-Manouche" or Gypsyjazz".

The new eBook (only for download) contains 20+ scales, beginning with standards like major- and minor-Scales as well as altered-, (half-)disminished-, mixolydian-, super or ultra-locrian scales.

The book closes up with more "exotic"-scales which are also interesting for beeing utilized in (Gypsy-)Jazz, like the Gypsy-minor- or the spanish Gypsy-scale, the hungarian major- and minor-Scales, the romanian minor-Scale as well as an oriental-Scale and the wholetone-scale.

This essential scale-guide is a great tool to develop and find new inspiration for soloing and evolving your skills!

More Infos and download here

10 Tipps to become a better guitar-player

Selmer 1932 22610 Tipps to become a better guitar-player

Every musician is aiming to improve his playing, to learn new stuff over the years and to add this to his playing. But sometimes you may get the feeling to be stuck, not improving anymore. Some sort of "non-creative break" is evolving. Such a break may even last for longer, sometimes up to some months.
This is absolutely normal, cause at first you pick up new stuff, you learn. Then you start repeating those new things to get used to and integrate it into your playing. If you did that, then there is the third phase when you are able to create something new from the stuff you´ve learned before. According to Clarke Terry: „Imitate, assimilate, create, innovate...“

To give you some more input how to become a better player over time, here i collected 10 ideas how to improve your own playing. Read on further down.

#Corona: many artists suffer from canceled gigs

coronaHArd times also for musicians and free artists of all kinds.
At these times of Corona-Pandemia many concerts, vernissages and readings will be canceled. The public life as we knew it has come to halt at the moment.

Which actuall yis very fatal for many artists that still have to pay their rent but have no more income at the moment. Our gouvernment decided to pay loans additions ("Kurzarbeitergeld") to companies and thus the employees.

But what about artists?
They are stuck without no chance of having any incomes or expenses beeing payed, almost facing bancruptcy.
Thats why we free artists are asking the german gouvernment to also support free artists with financial help to help us surviving this crises.

Here you may also sign this open petition, which is asking the gouvernment to donate such financial help during the time of crises:
"Hilfen für Freiberufler und Künstler während des "#Corona-Shutdowns"


boehmermann solidariIf you want to support us musicians , please sign the petition. But you may do even more.

As said many concerts are been canceled within the last days. And many musicians as concert organizers are facing the problem that sold tickets are
to be given back and money in return as well... Which basically is correct, as there is no servce been given in return at the moment.

Here you may deeply think for yourself if you really are asking for that or if you may donate that already payed money to keep things moving for as well musicians as concert locations.

As said the cost ist still running for us as well, but no income right now. So acting generous and donating your paid ticket may help to solve the real breakdown at many times for us!

Solidarity is nessesary art this time of griev. Help to support free musicians so we may be able to play for your after the whole thing has past. Culture is no luxury and shouldnt be only supported in good times...

(Bildquelle: WDR2, Jan Böhmermann Facebook)

CD-Review: Mogeli Geisler "Gypsy Summit"

mogeli geisler gypsy summit„Gypsy Summit“ is the name of his new Debut-CD that Sinti-Guitarist Mogeli Geisler, who is no real stranger in the GJ-Scene but a very well accepted known guitarrist, presents this week.

And we like to congratulate him for his pitch, as he puts up the benchmark pretty high inviting real top-class musicians such as Marcel Loeffler (Accordeon), Wauwau Adler (Git.), Benji Winterstein,  Tschabo Franzen and Manusch Weiss (Rythm Git), Hugo Richter (Piano), Smeily Adler (Git.), his cousin Kussi Weiss (Git.), as well as his son Justin Geisler (Git.), into the Studio to support and record with him. On Double-Bass Christopher Bormann is backing them up straight and steadily throughout the whole album.

The overall chosen 14 Tracks on „Gypsy Summit“ present a colorful yet balanced mix of well known Jazzclassics as for example „Blue Moon“, „I remember April“, „Have you met Miss Jones?“, „Night and Day“, „My melancholy Baby“ or „The man i love“.
Additionally some more songs of other composers such as Samson Schmitt („Gypsy Swing“), Henri Salvador („Syracuse“) and „For my Mandy“ (by his Cousin Kussi Weiss), one Song by Django Reinhardt („Tears“) and regrettably only one original composition by Mogeli Geisler himself „Mari Suni“ finalize the sum.

Yet this Album is exactly what any fan of this musical style would be expecting: a great meeting („Gypsy Summit“) of a few of the best Musicans of this genre nowdays.
Freshly presented, yet powervoll played Jazztunes involving virtuose art of improvisation, playjoy and fun - all whatsoever you would expect under the style of „Gypsyswing“ accurately. And it does!

GEMA claims participation with ZEBRALUTION

gema zebraThe german GEMA is always looking for new fields of business and trying to develop new future incomes for their members. To develop this goal the GEMA has detected two main fields: Digitalisation and financial growth.
Actually the GEMA tries to achieve these two issues in their basic business with licencing, but also with participations on other major players within music distribution.

Now today the GEMA has officcially confirmed the majority holding on Zebralution GmbH, a very innovative and  economicly successful digital distribution service in Musicbusiness. The GEMA ensured as one of the first collecting societies the economic participation at digital Music distribution, a very important field of economic increase in music.

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