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#Corona-Shutdown affects all musicians worldwide

As most of us have been hit, lately we are all stuck within the total shutdowns off all public life. Worldwide as well as all over Europe.

Since a couple of weeks all public events have been canceled nationwide, schools, Kindergardens, Restaurants closed.

So performing artitsts, especially musicians are stuck at home with no cance of any income from one day to the other. Streetmusicians as well as the perforning artist who has had his concerts booked for the first half yers 2020.

The german gouvernment is trying to solve that by offering many financial help-packages. But regrettably this is all well thought but badly made, so to say: the help doesnt arrive at those who really need it. Many musicians arent able to ask for any of those official aid-programs as they cant proove their loss of income. As usual and often done in smaller locations and clubs, contracts are often just only negotiated mouthwise. So no written proove of financial loss may be at hand for those musicians who dont have any paper contracts done.

Many of the musicians now try to overcome this shutdown situation with playing payed „online-concerts“ or „Streaming online jams“. But of course this is just a very small substitution for the huge number of concerts that many of us have lost actually.
Although we all dont know how long this situation will last for us, we will all as well have to stay solidaric with the weaker and older people that many of had died alread by the infection.

Actual numbers speak about 1423 dead in Germany, 6.058 in the US, 13.915 in Italy, 209 in Portugal, 10.935 in Spain, 3.326 in China and so on…

Wether how we feel about it, one of the most important things to do now is spotted by the hashtag #StayAtHome - the best thing we can do now to save lifes.

Lets hope for the best, that we all will survive this Pandemia well and meet again with new power and strenght to play on and have a fun time again.

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