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Update: Festival Django Reinhardt

As another Update for Festival Django Reinhardt in Samois, here the official text of the  Festivalmakers in english translation.

>>Now its offical: the Festival will take place!

Since month we work on it to change and overthink the conditions of the event in Park des Château de Fontainebleau.

We have though to make to nicest of all Festivals, to honour the greatest Jazzmusician of Europe: Django Reinhardt

We believ in it cause we have passion for music in our bodies. We believe in it cause we spent all our energy to reach one goal: to make it possible for the artists to reach out for the publc again. We believ in it cause the last 10 months have showed us how precious the relation between you and us is. We know that nnumbers will be limited and the Festival will take place in a special configuration. . . .  but we are lucky to adapt and to share and present you unforgettable moments.

We like to thank all Visitors taht already have taken their places and tickets and supported us for years before. Again thank you <<

festivaldr 2021That much to the official text of the Festivals in a mail.
The question will be if the wish has been the father of the though here and the festival will be announced without beeing sure or have been clearifiying it with official statemembers.
Accordng to the actual infections in France it is all more than questioning.

France Centre, the grand area around Paris wich also  Samois belongs to is one of the epicenters of the Pandec in France. We hope that the Festivalmakers keep right with their optimism and the Festival will be happening. Which is not certain...
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