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CD-Review: "Gypsy-Fire" Melanie Bong & Lulo Reinhardt

gypsyfire melaniebongSince quite some time Jazz-Singer Melanie Bong is no more a "secret tipp" on the Jazzscene, as meanwhile she is touring big and small stages all over Europe- and worldwide. Her performances with Jazzgreats like Sheila Jordan (AUS), Charly Antolini (CH), Lulo Reinhardt (GER), Tony Lakatos (GER/H), Jay Clayton (USA) and Keith Copeland (USA) a.m.m. have been watched and recognized by international Press with great honouration.

Now Melanie "Nini" Bong, born as a daughter of a baltic mother and a german Sinto father, has recorded her new album with the title "Gypsy Fire" together with also worldwide known and respected Sinti-Guitarrist Lulo Reinhardt.
Melanie´s 3rd Solo-Album contains 11 tunes, covering 9 original compositions by herself, 1 song written by Lulo Reinhardt and only one Jazz-classic cover called "C´est si bon".

Backed up by the help of high classy musicians like Tizian Jost (Piano, Vibraphone, Organ), Bastian Jütte (Drums), the outstanding brasilian bassplayer Eduardo "Dudu" Penz (Bass), Lulo Reinhardt (Guitar) and her father Romeo (Vocals on "C´est si bon"), the CD presents a blend interesting mix out of Jazz, Funk, Bossa Nova, brasilian Music, Worldmusic - you cant really put that album into any box - it is just too versatile and full of musicality.

In a shortcut we like to say: this CD is the right thing for Gourmets of handmade Jazz, cause with every note of her beautiful voice Melanie Bong sings herself into the heart of the listener. And you surely believe her every word that she sings.

melanie nini bongAlready in 2016 Melanie Bong had recorded the titlesong "Gypsy Fire" together with Lulo Reinhardt, in a beautiful ballad version, which also is contained on the album as final last song and highlight as well.
But on the new album, the two musicians present the song in a completely new arranged and faster version, filled up by the style and worldmusical influenced way of Lulo´s musical playing decorated with his Flamenco-influenced Guitar, BossaNova-like Rhythm, added with a jazzy Piano and completed by a cool Rhythmgroup that swings the whole thing down to the ground.

On "Gypsy Fire" jazzy Ballads ("Cant be real") change over to funky reminissences like "My heart is still yours" or Waiting for what", fast Samba/Bossa-kind of tunes like "Gypsy Trail" or "Summerwind" remind to the great brasilian Jazz of the famous Gilberto Gil. In "You are my song" Melanie interpretes the poem-text of a friend that already passed away some years ago, creating a beautiful lovesong ballad from it.

Fans of virtuos presented and greatly played Jazz will enjoy the Album "Gypsy Fire", that no minute listening will be  boring. You can feel in every note that all musicians have been playing with all their hearts and feels. This is a real and true album which is able to impress with highest quality in every aspect!
The one who ever experienced Melanie Bong and Lulo Reinhardt and their Live-performances knows that they dont only play like this in Studio but LIve with all the same approach.

You may buy the album on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, jazz4ever or on Melanie´s Website, where you also may listen to some tracks of this an some older CDs as well: https://www.melanieninibong.com/music

Our tipp of the month ****** absolutely recommendable!
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