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#Corona: many artists suffer from canceled gigs

coronaHArd times also for musicians and free artists of all kinds.
At these times of Corona-Pandemia many concerts, vernissages and readings will be canceled. The public life as we knew it has come to halt at the moment.

Which actuall yis very fatal for many artists that still have to pay their rent but have no more income at the moment. Our gouvernment decided to pay loans additions ("Kurzarbeitergeld") to companies and thus the employees.

But what about artists?
They are stuck without no chance of having any incomes or expenses beeing payed, almost facing bancruptcy.
Thats why we free artists are asking the german gouvernment to also support free artists with financial help to help us surviving this crises.

Here you may also sign this open petition, which is asking the gouvernment to donate such financial help during the time of crises:
"Hilfen für Freiberufler und Künstler während des "#Corona-Shutdowns"


boehmermann solidariIf you want to support us musicians , please sign the petition. But you may do even more.

As said many concerts are been canceled within the last days. And many musicians as concert organizers are facing the problem that sold tickets are
to be given back and money in return as well... Which basically is correct, as there is no servce been given in return at the moment.

Here you may deeply think for yourself if you really are asking for that or if you may donate that already payed money to keep things moving for as well musicians as concert locations.

As said the cost ist still running for us as well, but no income right now. So acting generous and donating your paid ticket may help to solve the real breakdown at many times for us!

Solidarity is nessesary art this time of griev. Help to support free musicians so we may be able to play for your after the whole thing has past. Culture is no luxury and shouldnt be only supported in good times...

(Bildquelle: WDR2, Jan Böhmermann Facebook)

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