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CD-Review: Bertino Rodmann - "Rêve de Samois"

Guitarrist and musician Bertino Rodmann is known in the Gypsyjazz-Scene since quite some years by his guitar method book "Gypsyjazz Guitar - a Tribute to Gypsyjazz", but also by his concerts with famous and excellent Gypsy-Guitarrists such as Lulo Reinhardt, Fapy Lafertin, Robin Nolan or Jordan Weiss.
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Now Bertino introduces his debut Solo-Album "Rêve de Samois" containing 10 original tunes of his own.

The 10 songs on this album represent a broad variety of the original compositions of Bertino Rodmann containing as well modern and classical Gypsy-waltzes like "Pressure Waltz" or "Valse á Bertino". But also some modern sounding Jazztunes like "Chrystalline boppin´" or "As the river flows" are on.
Rounded up is the album by fast Swing-numbers such as "Swing 2021" or "Just for your own fun" that are great fun to listen to. But also wonderful ballads like "For Lulo" and "Roulez lentement et voir" shows his musical ability on the Album.

On the album Bertino Rodmann (Solo- and Rhythmguitars) is supported by great musicians of the genre:
Lulo Reinhardt (guitar),
Fapy Lafertin (guitar),
Bobeye Reinhardt (double bass),
Winfried Schuld (piano, accordeon)
Christoph König (violine).
As further guestmusician Henry Eipl on rhythm-guitar.

The additional solos of these great musicians such as Fapy Lafertin (guitar on "Roulez lentement et voir" and "Rêve de Samois"), Lulo Reinhardt (guitar on "Swing 2021", "For Lulo" or "Just for your own fun") as well as Christoph König (violin on tunes like "Chrystalline boppin´" and "Swing 2021") or Winfried Schuld (piano on "Swing 2021", "Just for your own fun") or Bobeye Reinhardt (bass-solo on "Chrystalline boppin´") add the "special note" on top of Bertino´s own melody- and solo-playing.

The album will be available from mid june 2022 and may also be ordered here on the website as well as on the website of Bertino Rodmann.

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