Your benefits for becoming a "paying" JM-User

info-128x128 So what are your benefits for becoming a paying JM-User?

Since 2015 we do have three different new areas on our website:
  1. Free content, freely accessible for every user without registering.
  2. JM-User-reserved content, which is only accessable if you are a registered JM-User. As a registered and logged-in JM-User you will get (free) access to all areas where we provide free user-reserved content.
  3. And third since 2015 we provide content for our paying registered JM-Users, users that want to help us make the website staying alive - as we do need to pay for all the cost. Become a paying member at and support our work!
So here´s what it´s like in details:
  • As a paying JM-User you have (un-)limited access to ALL areas that contain restricted pay-content for the limited time that you have paid at your account. The payed areas are only accessable if you are a paying logged-in JM-User who has payed for a payed User-account. Read more about payed JM-User-accounts in our FAQs for Registration.

  • For getting access to all pay-content-pages at we have created so called JM-User-Licences. Included in these JM-User-Licences is a chosen time-limited access to all of our pay-content-pages, the JM-Downloads and the big-size-detail-view inside the JM-Guitar-Gallery (with over 1800 detail-images of old Selmer-, Busato, Favino- or DiMauro-Guitars), one of the biggest Online-Archives of old Gypsyjazz-Guitars). Also included is the cost for the Paypal-transaction (which is 7% of every of every transaction).

  • The JM-User-Licences are split up in the following price-categories:
    1. JM-Premium-User - limited Access 7 days - Price: 4,99 €
    2. JM-Silver-User - limitedAccess 30 days - Price: 9,99 €
    3. JM-Gold-User - limitedAccess 90 days - Price: 29,99 €
    4. JM-Platinum-User - unlimited Access 365 days - Price: 49,99 €
  • To access the pay-content pages is very easy for registered JM-Users:
    just click on the link "Pay to read more" on any page that contains the link anywhere on the webpage. You will then be presented a short menu where you may choose your desired time-licence.
    When done you´ll get redirected to the external Paypal-webpage where you can pay the chosen amount with your paypal-account or credtidcard if you dont have any (you may open one as well...).

    After your payment is done you´ll get redirected to our webpages and you´ll have free access to ALL pay-content-pages with no limitations for the time of you licence. If the licence-time-limit has expired the access is limited again and you can buy for a new licence as well or renew the old one you had (same process as described above).

So be sure to become a paying JM-User today to get (un-)limited access to ALL of our content and as well to support our work for running this page!

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