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CD-Review: Lollo Meier - Anthology

lollomeier anthologySince years Lollo Meier is a well known name in the Gypsyjazzszene and guarantees for solid handmade music.
Lollo Meier is well known for his clean, precise way of playing, with fine and accentuated lines as well as his almost "classic" traditional playing in the style of Django Reinhardt.

Lollo Meier, just been on stage at the "Django Reinhardt Festival" 2018 in Samois-sur-Seine,  now has released his 3. Solo-Album-CD "Anthology".
The Album contains some older Titles such as "Rosas" or "Lollo Waltz", additionally completed with some new compositions. Lollo Meier offers those 18 songs in familiar high quality playing on this new CD. 
Additional musicians on the album are: Bram van Es, Dave Kelbie, Boeboe Grunholz and Dominque Pierard (RhythmGit), Bert Smits (Violin), Melvin Koenigs, Andy Crowdy, Henri Schuler, Manon Maassen and Jonny Gee (Doublebass), Fapy Lafertin (Git), Tscha Limberger and Rares Morarescu (Violin), André Donni (Clarinet) and Bart Kjeltens (Drums).

Especially fans of the "classical" style of Django and the Quintette du Hotclub de France will really have their fun with this new album. The one who expects some more modern playing in the style will not that much be satisfied with it, as you won´t find this on that album very much.

That said "Anthology" is a very nice new Album, even if maybe "not really new" in the meaning of invention or even "a bit predictable". But in the contrary the steady quality and persistance of Lollo´s traditional Hotclub-sound also makes up the charm of his own in Lollo´s playing and this CD.

A solid, fine made CD for all Fans of the classic Django-Hotclub-Sound.
Our Tipp: absolutely worth listening ***

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