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CD-Review: Swingtette de Baviere

swingtettebaviere"Swingtette de Baviere" is a new CD presented by two ambitious and very talented young musicians named Nico Franz and Elias Prinz, released as their own first Album in the Gypsyjazz-Genre. Additional musicians on that album are: Jonas Prinz and Ben Wesch (Rythm. Git), Chris Hertel (Bass).

The CD consists of 8 Titles by Django Reinhardt, Astor Piazolla, Titi Winterstein, Cole Porter and Johannes Brahms as well as one original composition by Elias Prinz.
Even if the overall recording quality of the CD is very good, the mix in some parts has it´s pitfalls. The violin, which is played very well on all recordings, regrettably is often mixed too loud in many of the tunes, in comparison to the other instruments. By that the equliberance of the sound is missing a bit, but which actually just matters marginally by listening closer.

Those two, Nico Franz, a young Sinti-violinist from the well known Musicians-Dynasty Franz and the 19 year old guitarrist Elias Prinz are two young musicians that have met and work or play together very well.
For their young ages both musicians already now show a great potential and talent, which gets visible within all the recordings and tunes of the album.
In some parts it sometimes may be missing some cool- and deepness and some other passages appear to be a bit "over engaged" - but who wants to blame those two young talents for that beeing in their early twenties? It is their first big appearance and with that already recorded with such high musical quality and ability that those flaws (if you really might want to call it that!) are beeing forgotten very quick while listening on.

Those two young talents will make their musical path within the next years and in a couple of years the maturity, cool- and deepness and freedom will add to their playing for sure.
Already now many songs are beeing presented wonderfully and show the great potential that lies within those two great young talents surely beeing revealed in near future! We wish them all success with this CD.

A very nice CD, a big "Bravo" and keep on going!

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