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CD-Review: "Spanish Moments" Wesley G & Bertrand LeGuilliou

cover wesleybertrand spanmoments klInsiders on the german Gypsyjazz-Scene already know these two guitarrists Wesley G. and Betrand Le Guilliou since some time. Now those two have joined together for a CD-Project and now released their first CD "Spanish Moments".

The tow experienced guitarrists present 10 songs all together on their Debut-Album, containing 6 well known tunes of typical (Gypsy-)Jazz-Standards, one waltz "Valse á Rosenberg" composed by Stochelo Rosenberg and each one of tunes by Stevie Wonder and Keith Jarret. Regrettably theres only one original composition.

All tracks have been recorded by only two guitars, except two 2 numbers (Anniversary Song and Coquette), where an additional Bass has been played and recorded by Wesley G.
At some tunes this dont bother, at others especially the faster tunes like "Made in France" or "Valse á Rosenberg"
another bass would have done well rounding up the recording in all. The recording quality is very good all over, clean and fresh.

The Album (which has been recorded in Spain) is good to listen to and one can feel and hear the relaxed atmosphere while recording. as well as the individual quality and class of both players. They both show their great talent with arranged and shared Intros, arrangements and Solos. On the other hand there is yet not so much new or surprising to find on this great album.
Generally this very nice CD contains very solid and nice music, stamped by the great playing of both musicians. New surprising moments with fresh new compositions or more individual expressions or explosions you will somewhat search in vain. Nevertheless this CD is very recommendable for every Fan of good and handmade guitar music.

Our Highlights of the CD are a very decent and silent arrangement of "Danse Norvegienne" (Edvard Grieg) which streams and serves a great room and freedom for each guitarrist of these two great players soaking the listener into his spell. Also the individual Versions of "Smile" (Charlie Chaplin) and "Lucky southern" (Keith Jarret) convinced us and are somewhat like the cherry on the cream.

All in all "Spanish moments" is a very nice and more quiet CD that you may be able to listen to very relaxed, especially in the cold time of year now, sitting in your livingroom and listening to it on headphones.
Well done guys, buy the CD!! **** recommended

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